Vocals, Mixing and Mastering...

Mr. Kanula has been mouthing his squeals for a a while now. With minor adjustments and re-arranging we got what we wanted. Though, there´s a few corrections to do but anyway his work (with a capital w!) is nearly done. Shouted phrases, whispers and slut-like harmonies!

"Fader-Finger" Liukkonen didn´t quite enjoy the quantity of mixing material. Sorry dude, we know it´s a bitch. After his work, mastering process will start... Somewhere...

Volymian´s guide to mixing:

"Sano sille et pistää lisää jengaa siihen kaikuun, kunnolla höpinää tötteröön. Kato pitää olla niin ruma saundi et tumma poika Tuusulastakin ihmettelee et mihin mun pussihousut hävisi."
previously made famous by R.Aaltonen


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